Holder’s Reward platform

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The new LEOcoin token provides its holders with a “Holder’s Reward” very similar to the previous LEOcoin Rewarding mechanism reward.

Users that want to participate in “LEOcoin Holder’s Reward” have to own a minimum amount of 1,000 (one thousand) LEOcoins on a specific LEOcoin token address. The Reward returns depend on the number of LEOcoin tokens you hold in that address (see the table of rewards). The system will be keeping daily snapshots of your total LEOcoin tokens in your address throughout the month. Your Reward will be calculated based on the average of all these snapshots. The "LEOcoin Holders Reward" will be credited after the first five (5) working days of each month to your LEOcoin token address.

By participating in the new LEOcoin Holders Reward and providing your LEOcoin token address and email, you agree to the Terms & Conditions available in the top menu.

A guide for the Holders Reward can be found here.

Table of rewards

Amount of LEOcoin Percentage (monthly) Examples (monthly) Percentage (yearly) Examples (yearly)
0 - <1,000 0% 0 0% 0
1,000 - <5,000 0.7974% 1,000 → 1,007.974 10% 1,000 → 1,100
5,000 - <50,000 1.1715% 5,000 → 5,058.575 15% 5,000 → 5,750
50,000 + 1.5309% 50,000 → 50,765.45 20% 50,000 → 60,000


If you have anything you want to discuss with us about the LEOcoin “Holder’s Reward”, please get in touch using the form below or email us at [email protected]